Simple Halloween Inspired Crafts

We’ve been having fun with some Halloween themed crafting around here. We’re decorating the house and getting ready for the big day, which honestly won’t be a very big day at all. In fact, I’m planning to keep it pretty simple by doing little crafts leading up to Halloween, letting them indulge in a few treats here and there (Nikki’s Halloween cookies from Whole Foods were a big hit earlier this week) and participating in some of the community fun. Ideally, I’d love to spend Halloween at home playing games and passing out candy but we live on a huge hill with no sidewalks, so the chances of getting any trick-or-treaters at our door are basically slim to none! Instead, we’ll head out to a more trick-or-treat friendly neighborhood and hope we see lots of costumed keiki on our walk. I’m pretty sure that will be the most exciting aspect of the whole celebration, seeing other kids in costume, but then again maybe it will be the candy :)  Either way,  I’m looking forward to the excitement that I’m certain will abound!

My crafting expertise is limited but luckily my kids don’t know that yet :) However, in case you’re interested in recreating some of our spooky decor I’ll share the details, or rather, my resources and inspiration. The candy corn and bat banner was inspired by a project I saw on display at Ben Franklin. I bought the cones there and had the kids paint them to look like the candy with washable paint we had at home. The bats, which I traced from a pattern available for free at the totally awesome and super generous Made by Joel, are cut from felt, and it’s all held together with some string and clothespins, pretty simple! We made the Happy Halloween banner by cutting letters from adhesive felt which worked out great because Junebug could stick the letters to the pre-cut felt squares and again, we hung it up with clothespins and string. We hung Junebug’s artwork in the center to add the finishing touch :) We had fun and the kids love looking at it. I find it so sweet that something as simple as a Halloween decorations on the wall make the girls so happy. Oh, to be a kid again!

What are your plans for Halloween? If you have any suggestions as to which neighborhoods are the best for trick-or-treating with little ones a comment would be much appreciated!

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